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Admission to the new doctoral program

All admission procedures at the University of Vienna are mainly handeled by the centra administration ("Referat Studienzulassung"). In particular, information concerning formal aspects of the admission process can be only obtained there. There is a lot of information on these issues available online, a good starting points is http://studentpoint.univie.ac.at/en/application/admission/with-diploma-from-another-university/ . The curriculum for the new doctoral program is uniform for several fields, so applying for admission you have to secify a field to write your thesis in ("Dissertationsgebiet"). You can also contact the Center for Doctoral studies of the University of Vienna for organisational questions. The further information on this page only concerns the field Mathematics.

The only way the directors of the study programs (SPLs) are involved in the admission process is in checking whether the studies completed by the person applying for admission are sufficient for admission. In the field of mathematics admission to the doctoral program usually requires completion of a Master or Diploma degree in Mathematics (which usually means at least five years of studies).

It is not required to have chosen an advisor or to have a concrete project for admission, but of course it is helpful to make contacts before applying for admission. A good starting point for the search form potential supervisors is the information on research groups from the web pages of the faculty of mathematics.

The situation is different if you do not have completed a Master or Diploma program in Mathematics but in some other field (e.g. physics or biology). In this case, it is expected that you have either taken a significant amount of additional courses on mathematics or that you already have contacted an advisor and have a specific project for the doctoral study, that the advisor considers as promising with the given background. In such cases, it is helpful to contact the responsible person in the SPL before applying for admission and to submit a confirmation of the advisor that he/she will supervise you ("Betreuungszusage") or employ you via some research grant with the application for admission. 

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