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Master in mathematics

All courses of our master programme in mathematics are in English, therefore, sufficient knowledge and fluency in English (level B2) is required already at admission. The programme meets highest international standards and consists of a total of 120 ECTS (corresponding to 4 regular full semester loads) and ideally leads students into or at least close to current research. The faculty of mathematics hosts top level research groups in a wide range of pure and applied mathematics. This allows students to choose from a large variety of topics.

The curriculum of the mathematics master allows students a lot of choices with many options of specializations and combinations of subjects. The seven  main areas of specialization are:

  • Algebra, number theory, and discrete mathematics
  • Analysis
  • Applied mathematics and scientific computing
  • Biomathematics
  • Geometry and topology
  • Mathematical logic and theoretical computer science
  • Stochastics and dynamical systems

For each of these areas, there is a group of core modules consisting of 30 ECTS covering basics of the field. In addition, students have to choose advanced courses in the  21 ECTS module of electives in their chosen area of specialization. To reach a good spectrum of knowledge in their mathematical education, each student has to complete also a 24 ECTS module of courses (at least 15 ECTS from core modules) from the six other areas of specialization. Finally, courses may be chosen arbitrarily from mathematical master level courses (or from other areas, e.g. physics or computer science, upon confirmation by the director of studies) in the of 15 ECTS module of further electives, thus allowing students to individually deepen or broaden their knowledge. During the master program, a master thesis has to be prepared (27 ECTS). The study is completed with a final master defense or examination (3 ECTS).


The admission procedure is handled by the central administration of the University (admission office), the SPL Mathematics is only involved in the last stage of the process checking the equivalence of the previously completed bachelor with the bachelor in mathematics at the University of Vienna. Information on the admission procedures (and many other topics) are available online here.


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