Masterprogramm Mathematics (UA 066 821)

The master curriculum is taught in english. It is therefore necessary to show proof english language competency level at least B2 before admission. Our master program offers a scientific education, with broad possibilities for specialization, at an internationally recognized level. It is a standard two year program, with roughly 90 ECTS of coursework and 30 ECTS for thesis work necessary for completion. During the program, students are introduced to active areas of mathematical research  in pure and applied mathematics. The faculty of mathematics is home to internationally active research groups in a broad range of subjects, and the possibilities for specialization are therefore also very diverse.

The curriculum for our master is adaptable to many specific student interests and offers a lot of freedom of choice. It is structured around specialization in one of the following  areas: 

The curriculum requires students to complete a group of core modules in their chosen area of specialization of 30 ECTS, which cover the basic subjects necessary for further study of that specialization, after which they are required to complete 21 ECTS of electives in their chosen area of specialization, which can be chosen from a changing roster of electives offered. In addition, students choose 24 ECTS of coursework from areas different from their chosen area of specialization (15 ECTS of that from the cores of these areas) in order to broaden their mathematical education, and have do 15 ECTS of further electives (in whatever area they like; it is also possible  to recognize practical experience or coursework in application areas towards these 15 ECTS if approved by the director of studies).

The MSc requires the completion of a master thesis (27 ECTS) which is defended in a public examination (3 ECTS).

Admission to the Master program

The admission to the master program is coordinated by the  Student Affairs Dision of Vienna University. We can help you with questions you have regarding the Master program, but are not able to assist with admission matters.