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This is the website of the StudienServiceCenter (SSC) Mathematics. The SSC Mathematics is the administrative part of the faculty of mathematics which helps mathematics students with questions regarding the organization of their studies and for dealing with the necessary regulations. 

The pages inform you about those issues, the study programs the faculty of mathematics offers, and all of the administrative steps necessary during your studies. 

General Information

  • The Faculty of Mathematics is home to approximately 3000 Students
  • We offer BSc, MSc, and Phd (scientific track) and, in cooperation with our partners in the Verbund Nord, BEd and MEd (teacher education track)
  • We are the largest higher education institution and the largest teacher education institution for mathematics in Austria
  • Every year, approximately 300 students graduate from our mathematics study programs
  • Our studies combine an extraordinary breadth of mathematical subject areas with many and diverse options for specialization