Doktoratsstudienkonferenz SPL 51

Starting from October 2020, there is a separate DSPL ("directorate of doctoral study programs") for the doctoral program in mathematics. As part of the resulting changes, there also is a separate "Doktoratsstudienkonferenz" for this doctoral program. This is a committe in which both faculty members and students are represented, which monitors the doctoral program and gives advice to the responsible director of studies, who chairs the committee.

It was descided in the "Fakultätskonferenz" of the faculty of Mathematics that this committe should have 12 members (6 faculty members and 6 students). According to the rules of the University, the faculty members in the committee are nominated by the representatives of the faculty members in the  "Fakultätskonferenz" while studend members are nominated by the student representatives.

The current members of the Doltoratsstudienkonferenz are:

Faculty members:

committee members:

  • Goulnara Arzhantseva
  • Matthias Aschenbrenner
  • Nathanael Berestycki
  • Harald Grobner
  • Sara Merino Aceituno
  • Jose Luis Romero

replacement members:

  • Martin Ehler
  • Benjamin Miller
  • Anton Mellit
  • Sorin-Mihai Grad
  • Alberto Minguez
  • Paolo Piovano


committee members:

  • Katharina Brazda
  • Gianluca Favre
  • Michael Fischer
  • Steffen Plunder
  • Diksha Tiwari
  • David Wallauch

replacement members:

  • Sarah Koppensteiner
  • Kata Sebök

 Chairs of the committee:

  • Andreas Cap (DSPL)
  • Ulisse Stefanelli (Vize-DSPL)