• Am I registered if the status in u:space is "applied"?

    No! The status "applied" only means that a record has been created. For successful registration for exams, the status "registered" must appear. The status "preregistered" is the correct one for the registration during the registration phase for examinations. If the registration attempt ends with the status "applied", but you have fulfilled all requirements (e.g. StEOP), please contact the SSC immediately.

    ATTENTION: After you have deregistered, you can go to u:space and click on "resumed" when registering for the same exam or course. However, this status is a invalid. If this status appears, please inform the SSC immediately.

    Further information about the registration system can be found here.

  • Can I still register for a UE/SE/PS after the registration period?

    Generally: NO! In certain exceptional cases (e.g. when admission to the study program is confirmed after the registration phase), a registration via the SPL can be approved. An approval by a course instructor is not a guarantee that registration can take place.

    For more information about registration at SPL 25, please click here.

  • How can I apply for admission?
  • Is there an entrance exam for the mathematics program?

    For the Bachelor and Master of Science (BSc, MSc) there is no entrance examination.

    For the Bachelor of Education (BEd) there is an admission procedure. Information about this can be found here.

  • Courses have disappeared from u:find!

    Unfortunately, this happens, especially at the beginning of the semester, that courses from the pedagogy schools (Pädagogische Hochschule) "disappear" from u:find. This does not mean that they are not offered, but rather that it is not possible for u:find to display it due to various links with the pedagogy schools.

    If courses have to be cancelled, we will inform the affected students in any case.

  • Acknowledge professional internship for MSc

    If you want to use practical experience (allowed for up to 6 ECTS) for the MFE module, you need to present a testimonial from the internship, in which we can see the duration of the employment and the duties you carried out (which need to be clearly connected to your studies).

  • May I repeat an exam/lecture that I have passed?
  • How does my supervisor receive my thesis?

    The SSC does not forward any work, either in bound form or as a PDF to the supervisor. Therefore, after uploading to HOPLA, send the final version to your supervisor. This will then be evaluated by them. If the supervisor wants a bound, print version, please take care of it yourself.

  • Is my work automatically inaccessible/suspended if I do not give permission for its disclosure?

    No! Even if you refuse to give permission to your supervisor to publish the title of your work and your name on their personal university website, your work is not automatically made inaccessible. A block of publication must be applied for separately. You can find more information here (in German).

  • How do I get a chair for my defense/diploma exam?

    Diploma Examination:
    If the diploma examination is to be taken as partial examinations, a chair is NOT necessary. A chair for a diploma examination is only necessary if it is held as a board examination (e.g. subject combination with another university). In such a case please write an e-mail to vorsitz-mathematik-la@univie.ac.at and indicate the planned date of the examination.
    Further information about the diploma examination can be found here.

    Master's defense (MSc and MEd):
    If you have fixed dates with your first (and second) examiner(s), write a request for a chair to vorsitz-mathematik@univie.ac.at. Indicate in the subject line if it is a defense of a thesis from the Master of Science (MSc) or the Master of Teacher Education (MEd) program. Please include your degree identification number in the subject line. The subject of the thesis must also be stated in the request.

  • Where can I buy the lecture notes (scripts)?

    Scripts are NOT sold at the SSC. If course leaders offer scripts for their courses, the sale will be organized by Ms. Helma Moritz.