The doctoral program in mathematics

The current relevant curriculum for a doctoral study in mathematics is the "Doktoratsstudium der Naturwissenschaften und der technischen Wissenschaften". The current version of the curriculum is available here, but this is mainly for reference (it is in German and mainly contains formal regulations). 

The regular duration of the doctoral study according to the curriculum is 3 years, but this is to be viewed as a guideline. The main formal prerequisite for the doctoral program is a completed master program in mathematics or equivalent background. If you complete the master program in mathematics at the University of Vienna, you can be directly admitted to the doctoral program in all other cases, prerequisites have to be checked, This concerns both formal aspects and aspects of the scientific background. The admission to all programs at the University of Vienna is handled by the central administration of the university. More information on the admission to doctoral programs can be found on this page of the center for doctoral studies, which is the main point of contact concerning admission.

 The doctoral program is structured in three phases, the entry phase, the research phase and the final phase.

  • The purpose of the entry phase is to find a supervisor as well as a topic for the PhD study.
    This phase should be completed within a year after the start of the study by a public presentation of the thesis project in front of the Doctoral Advisory Board of the faculty of mathematics. As a preparation, the candidate has to formulate, usually jointly with the supervisor, a research proposal that outlines the project. The public presentations take place several times per semester and are widely announced. If you and your supervisor agree that you are getting close to the presentation, please send a mail to containing the names of student and supervisor and a working title for the thesis project and announce that your will be interested in presenting in the nearer future. This help us in planning presentations and makes sure that you and your advisor will be involved into finding dates, etc. Via the SSC, you will also be informed about the forms needed to register for a presentation.
  • After a sucessful presentation, the thesis project is formally approved by the DSPL ("Doktoratsstuidenprogrammleiter"), who is the main responsible person for the doctoral program. Based on this approval and supported by the DSPL, the student and the supervisor(s) formulate and sign a dissertation agreement ("Dissertationsvereinbarung") that contains the main information about the thesis project. You will be provided with the necessary forms after the successful presentation. 
  • Signing the dissertation agreement marks the beginning of the research phase of the study, during which the main academic activities are carried out. Apart from 24 ECTS of course work (for which specifications may be formulated in the dissertation agreement), the main task is the preparation of a monographic thesis.During the research phase, yearly progress reports which form a part of the dissertation agreement have to be provided.
  • Completion of the thesis marks the start of the final phase of the doctoral program. If your thesis is getting close to completion, please inform us via mail to so that things can be coordinated well from an early stage. This is also a good time to read the more detailed information on the final phase that is available here. The student and the supervisor(s) have to suggest three international experts on the topic of the thesis, who agree to take on this assignment, as referees. Via the DSPL, this suggestion is passed to the "Studienpräses" of the University of Vienna, who is responsible for the selection of two referees. The referees have to be contacted via the SSC. the further process up to the public defense of the thesis, which is the final step in the study is coordinated via the SSC.