Information for first-semester students

On this page, you will find brief and concise information for the start of your studies in the winter semester.  Some links to more-detailed information will be updated closer to the beginning of the semester.

Course offerings

At the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Vienna, the following studies are offered to first-year students:

  • The Bachelor's program in mathematics offers a comprehensive basic education in pure and applied mathematics. 
  • The teacher-training program: The Bachelor's degree programs in mathematics and descriptive geometry include didactic and practical training. The courses for the teaching subject descriptive geometry take place at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien); more detailed information can be found at or a very brief, general information can be found here.

Admission and enrollment are handled by the central administration of the university.

StEOP (Study entrance- and orientation-phase)

Both in Bachelor's program in mathematics and the teacher-training program (requiring a second subject), there is a "study entrance- and orientation-phase" (StEOP).  In the Bachelor's program in mathematics, the successful completion of the StEOP module "Fundamentals of Higher Mathematics" is a prerequisite for further study.  In the teacher-training program, the StEOP consists of a total of three parts: one pedagogical and one for each of the two chosen teaching subjects.  Further courses and examinations in mathematics can only be completed as part of the teaching-training program once you have positively passed all examinations of the StEOP from the general pedagogical training as well as those from mathematics.

For further information on how to organize your studies regarding StEOP, please refer to the respective webpages for the programs.  Here are general regulations concerning the StEOP.

Start of studies

For the Bachelor's program and the teacher-training program in mathematics, there is a relevant information event for first-year students:

Further questions can be directed via e-mail to

Further information

Further information can also be found in the course directory of the University of Vienna and via the mathematics student council (in German).