General information

As of summer semester 2021, registration for examination-immanent courses (i.e. UE, PUE, SE, PR, VU) in the BSc Mathematics and BEd/MEd/Diplom UF Mathematics programs will take place electronically via u:space, according to the recommended study path. 

Within the SPL Mathematics, there are the registration clusters "Bachelor Mathematics", "Bachelor Teacher Training Program Mathematics", and for both Bachelor studies together "Mathematics Bachelor's Seminar". The configuration of the clusters has the following features:

  • Remaining places are allocated with confirmation (within two days)
  • Prioritization for students from the cluster (over those with other programs, StKZ)

ATTENTION: For the completion of an examination-immanent course, registration is compulsory!

Recommended study path

Places in exam-immanent courses are not allocated on the basis of the points or preference system, but according to the recommended study path. If you complete your courses along the recommended study path, this will increase your chances of getting places in the next exam-immanent courses.
You can see the extent to which you fulfill the recommended study path by means of the percentage values shown on u:space:

Detailed information and examples of this new type of course allocation can be found at .

 Video tutorial

Allocation, switching, late registration

The allocation will be done by SSC-Mathematics after the end of the registration period. You will receive a notification by e-mail on your u:account webmail when you have been registered for a course. It is possible to change the exercise group only in case of a 1:1 exchange with another student. It is NOT possible to register for the exercise groups later.

(However, should this be necessary in cases without personal fault, switching or late registration is possible with written permission of the respective subject-SPL).

Keeping your spot

IMPORTANT: in order to keep your spot MUST be present at the first meeting of the respective course. If you are not present and do not give a plausible excuse to the course instructor, you will lose your spot and will be deregistered.

Waiting list

In the case of high demand, you may be placed on a course's waiting list. You can then move up in the case of vacated spots.

BE ADVISED: You must also be present at the first meeting of the respective course. Moving up in the waiting list will be done strictly according order of the list. Our recommendation: if you have a place on the waiting list, it makes sense to attend the first meeting.

IMPORTANT: The instructor is not obliged to admit more students to the course than the number of places announced!


You can also deregister from the course within a certain period of time. It is important to note that, upon deregistration, you will lose the points you gave to the course during registration. A change to the status "on waiting list" is not possible.

Explanation of registration statuses

Detailed explanations of the registration statuses in u:space can be found here.