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Study objectives and qualifications

The aim of the Bachelor's degree program in teaching descriptive geometry at the University of Vienna is to deal with the modeling and representation of geometric objects, especially with regard to technical applications. In addition to traditional constructions and hand sketches, complex software packages are used, the effective use of which requires a good understanding not only of geometry but also of the technology used. In particular, a variety of geometric and more general mathematical methods play a role here, the fundamentals of which are taught in the study of descriptive geometry. An important characteristic of descriptive geometry is the interplay between theoretical and abstract reasoning or calculation, geometric visualization (not only in 3-dimensional visual space), and the supporting use of modern technologies.

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree program in teaching at the University of Vienna with the subject of descriptive geometry have basic knowledge in the field of geometry, as well as the ways of thinking, expressing, and reasoning about geometry, with special consideration of the school requirements — but not limited to school material. They have good skills of modeling, visualization, and illustration of geometric facts. They are familiar with important scientific and technical applications of geometry or geometric methods, and have good knowledge and thorough understanding of technical tools for geometric modeling and visualization (for example, CAD software).

Furthermore, graduates of the subject Descriptive Geometry possess basic skills to teach geometric content and to illustrate it to students, and to plan and organize the teaching process of geometric content using contemporary means and media, as well as to design it in an understandable and motivating way. They have a good understanding of different ways of seeing and imagining, and the ability to evaluate them with regard to the teaching of geometric content. They have the ability to interpret and evaluate students' work in an appropriate manner.

A combination of the subject descriptive geometry with subjects that have mathematical references is strongly recommended.