Bachelor's seminar

In the Bachelor's seminars of mathematics, the seminar leaders as a team take over the organization of the seminar lectures, moderate the lecture blocks, are responsible for the registration of the seminar grades, and advise the students in the search for supervisors. All mathematicians with a doctorate are eligible to be supervisors of Bachelor's theses, in particular all habilitated faculty members are obliged to do so.

BEd UF Mathematics (Curriculum 2014/2016)

Bachelor's seminar for teaching education program, 8 ECTS:

A) Requirements: 30-minute lecture, seminar paper of about 15 pages.

B) Topic/level: linked to the contents of the compulsory mathematical modules; typically standard textbook literature as a basis.

C) Supervision contact: about 3-4 meetings

D) Evaluation: combined of participation in the seminar, lecture and seminar paper, ⅔ weighting on the seminar paper

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