Completion of studies

As soon as you have completed all the requirements for the subject mathematics, send an email from your University of Vienna webmail address to the SSC Mathematics in order to have the record of exams checked and finalized.

Note: The SSC of the first subject (alphabetical order) will then issue the final documents.

Completion of mathematics as the first subject

Once you have submitted your record of exams, please let us know (also by email) if you:

  • have already completed your second subject and
  • have submitted the respective record of exams.

You do not have to submit the record of exams from the second subject to us (exception: music education).

Neither the record of exams of the second subject nor that of teacher education must be submitted to the SSC Mathematics for graduation.

IMPORTANT: please follow the administrative procedures of the other SSCs!

The graduation documents are usually delivered within 2 weeks (maximum 4 weeks) by mail with official signature.

Completion of mathematics as the second subject

It is sufficient to submit the record of exams to us. We will then transfer the data to the respective first subject (exception: music education*).

*Please ask the SSC Mathematics directly about the graduation process for UF Music Education.

After completion — alumni information

To receive information of interest to mathematics alumni in the future, you can sign up for the newsletter on the alumni page.