Completion of studies

Submit your record of exams (for anyone in UF DG)

As soon as all the required exams in UF Descriptive Geometry have been completed, the record of exams (Prüfungspass) must (regardless if descriptive geometry is the subject your Master's thesis) be sent via email from your University of Vienna webmail address to the SSC Mathematics in order to have the record of exams checked and finalized.

 Master's thesis in UF Descriptive Geometry

Declaring the thesis topic

As soon as you have a topic and adviser for your thesis, please send the following forms to the SSC Mathematics from your University of Vienna webmail address:

Master's thesis

When the Master's thesis is written and formatted (please pay attention to the correct and bilingual design of the cover page and other format requirements — e.g. printed doubled-sided), it has to be uploaded to the plagiarism software of the University of Vienna. There are templates for the Master's thesis at Forms.

Please do not forget that the Master's thesis includes an abstract (in German and English), but neither a CV nor an affidavit.

Immediately after uploading the thesis, at most within one week, it has to be submitted to the SSC with the following documents:

For the review, give this form to your supervisor. The supervisor must then submit the form to the SSC with the review.

Once the thesis has been positively evaluated, the defense can be registered. There must be at least two weeks between the date of the evaluation of the thesis and the date of the defense.

Detailed information about the Master's thesis and the final procedure can be found here (in German, with title page instructions in English).

 Copyright & image usage and data protection

Information about copyright and the correct use of images in scientific work can be found here (in German, with image usage guidelines in English.

Information about data protection in social-science research can be found here.

Defense and documents of completion

The commission of the defense consists of a 1st examiner, 2nd examiner, and a chairperson:

  • 1st examiner: usually the supervisor of the thesis;
  • 2nd examiner: teacher from the second subject (follow the rules of the respective institute);
  • chairperson: a qualified person from the Faculty of Mathematics.

Coordinate 2 to 3 possible dates with your examiners. After that, ask for a chairperson for the possible dates using the email address Please include your study code in the subject line. The subject of the thesis should also be mentioned in the request.

Register your defense with the following form via email to the SSC.

After passing the defense, the final documents can be picked up at the SSC Mathematics, usually after 2–4 weeks. You will be informed about this by the SSC Mathematics.

The final documents are usually delivered within 2 weeks (maximum 4 weeks) by mail with official signature.