Master's in Data Science

The goal of the Master's Program in Data Science at the University of Vienna is to provide a practically-oriented and scientifically-sound education in the field of modern data science. Data science is an essential driving force in today's digital world. Nowadays, large amounts of data are collected and generated in almost all areas of the economy. Recently, data-driven methods have also found their way into various parts of the natural and human sciences. The task of data science is to gain knowledge from ever-larger amounts of data, which can add value. This requires not only the development of efficient algorithms, but also a basic understanding of the interpretability and reliability of the results. This requires diverse and interdisciplinary skills, which includes the practical handling of large amounts of data and a solid mathematical and statistical foundation, as well as knowledge in the respective area of application. In addition, the rapid developments in data science raise ethical and legal questions. The Master's Program in Data Science at the University of Vienna comprehensively reflects all these core skills, emphasizes the interdisciplinary and heterogeneous character of data science, and places it above a specialization in individual areas.

While the Master's degree in data science prepares for a doctoral degree in mathematics, computer science, or statistics, it also teaches practical skills, such as the handling of huge amounts of data, the statistical analysis of complex data, and the development, implementation, and analysis of efficient algorithms for data analysis, which are in great demand in industry.

Detail information about the Master's Program you can find here.