Administrative steps towards completion

Registration of master thesis title and advisor

Note that only Professors and persons with habilitation (“Dozenten”) which are employed by the University of Vienna are allowed to supervise your master thesis (see Par. 15 in the Satzung/Studienrecht). Under extraordinary circumstances, persons with a Ph.D. (in mathematics) can be allowed to supervise a thesis; this includes the case that none of our professors are available to supervise that particular thesis topic, and also if the thesis work is conducted within an excellence award. A co-supervision can also be allowed for people from this group, if the main supervisor asks for it (form available at the SSC).

Once you have agreed on a topic with a potential advisor you have to formally apply for the thesis at the SSC (StudentServiceCenter) by handing in this form with the signature of your advisor (and a rough thesis title [exact title can be changed later]) and the following legal form (in German) Kenntnisnahme der Regeln der guten wissenschaftlichen Praxis (about awareness of scientific conduct and praxis). In regular cases the confirmation of advisor and thesis title is a formality and you will be contacted only in case of questions or problems (otherwise no explicit notification is sent to you).

Electronic record of exams and completed modules

Once you are getting closer to completion (at least a month earlier) make sure that your electronic records of exams are up-to-date, all grades are assigned to the correct modules (in certain cases where you do not have the right to move items yourself, ask the SSC for help), and possible recognitions of external grades are confirmed (after having picked up the "Bescheid über Annerkennnungsantrag", see here). Finaly, when all exams are done, let the SSC know (personally), so that they can close your "Prüfungspass".

Submission of the master thesis

There is a strict format for the Title Page, the regulations are explained here. A pdf version of your master thesis has to be uploaded electronically to the central HOPLA server of the university (details abut the pdf and info about the procedure at the link given).

For the final step of the submission of the master thesis you have to handed in to the StudienServiceCenter:

 a few days later (it is good practice to visit  SSC before the official submission and receive the checklist of forms).

Detail informations about the Master thesis and the final procedure you can find here.

 Urheberrecht & Bildnutzung

Informationen zum Urheberrecht und zur richtigen Bildnutzung in wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten finden Sie hier.

The master defense

Once you have completed all modules in your area of specialization (core and electives) ant the modules MOA and MFE and submitted your master thesis, then the master defense may be applied for officially (form "Anmeldung zur Defensio").

The master defense starts with a 30 minute presentation by the candidate, followed by an esam on a subject chosen from the scientific area of the thesis by two examiners (one of them is usually the advisor), the committee consists of the two examiners and a head of the committee. We recommend that you try to find an agreement about possible dates with the two examiners. When the possible dates are fixed write an E-Mail to to ask for a chair of the defenese. Please enter at the subject the "Studenkennzahl" (066 821) and announce in the request the topic of your thesis. When a chair of the defenese are fixed send the SSC via Mail the Anmeldung zur Defensio.

Approximately two to four weeks after the successful defense your documents about your master degree will be ready for pick-up at the SSC - at the same time you may apply for the academic ceremony of the university online via u:space. 

After graduating: Stay in touch with Alumni-Newsletter

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