Administration and completion of studies

Administratively, there is little to do in the Bachelor's program. After the curriculum is electronically modeled in the university's database system, it is no longer necessary to fill out a record of exams. Students can use the U:SPACE/UNIVIS system to check the progress of their studies at any time (in the "Record of examinations" section). An overview of the modules prescribed in the curriculum is displayed, each of which is marked as "completed", "partially completed" or "not completed". If you click on a module, you will get a list of the examinations assigned to this module.

The assignment of the examinations to the modules should be done automatically. If a result is not entered in the designated module, contact the SSC.

Once all required achievements for the degree have been completed, the record of exams can be checked and closed by the SSC (usually it is sufficient to simply write an e-mail for this purpose; only e-mails from the u:net account can be processed). After approximately two to four weeks, the graduation documents (certificate, notification of academic title, diploma supplement) can be picked up at the StudienServiceCenter.

After completion — Alumni information

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