Bachelor's seminar

In the Bachelor's seminar, the seminar leaders take over the organization of the seminar lectures as a team, moderating the lecture blocks, and they are also responsible for the registration of the seminar grades and advise the students in the search for supervisors. All mathematicians with a doctorate are eligible as supervisors of bachelor theses; in particular, all habilitated faculty members are required to do so.

Bachelor's program in mathematics (curriculum 2014)

Bachelor's seminar, 10 ECTS

A) Requirements: 45-minute lecture (presence of supervisor obligatory); writing of a seminar paper of about 20 pages, preferably in LaTeX.

B) Topic/level: linked to the contents of the compulsory modules (or, on individual request, additionally from an elective module); standard literature should usually be sufficient as a basis.

C) Supervision: approx. 3–4 meetings.

D) Assessment: combining from participation in the seminar, lecture, and seminar paper with ⅔ weight.

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