Transferring exam credits

Please note:

Requests to transfer credit are exclusively done digitally/via e-mail.

What is "transferring credits"?

When transferring credits, exam credits that were completed outside of your current study program are recognized for courses of your current study program, considered upon your request. If the credits have been successfully transferred, the corresponding course in your current study program will be recognized as having been completed.

Criteria for transferring?

The decisive criteria for recognition are, on one hand, that the work was completed at a recognized post-secondary educational institution and, on the other, that it is (essentially) equivalent to the work required for your study program (curriculum). This means that the workload (ECTS), content, and type of the course must be equivalent. If this is the case, recognition is possible up to the discretion of the head of your study program.

When is transferring credit necessary?

  • If the examination was taken at another post-secondary educational institution.
  • If the exam was taken at the University of Vienna but does not appear under your current degree program. For example:
    • The exam is assigned to another study program.
    • You have switched to a new curriculum (within the same study program), but the exam is registered under the old curriculum.
    • You have completed a course from the Master's program, but were still enrolled in the Bachelor's program and would like to "bring forward" the credits into the Master's program.

When is transferring credit NOT necessary?

If an exam credit appears under the correct study program/curriculum, but is assigned to an incorrect module/curriculum point, then it does not have to be recognized, just reassigned. If you are unable to correctly assign the course work yourself in the electronic examination passport (u:space), please contact the SSC via email.

NOTE: The "interest module" (Interessensmodul) is only available for course achievements that are completed in the current study program. External examination achievements or achievements from a previous study program can neither be recognized for the "interest module" nor added to it.

Which documents are needed for transferring credits?

Requirement for transferring credits: you must already be enrolled in the "target" study program.

Required documents (to be submitted electronically only):

A form with the request for recognition must be filled out. (A digital completion is sufficient. You do not have to print out the form, fill it out by hand, scan it and then send it!)

  • Official transcripts of the educational institution at which the examination performance was completed (in the case of foreign-language transcripts, a translation into German or English is also required).
  • A form requesting the transfer must be filled out. (A digital completion is sufficient. You do not have to print out the form, fill it out by hand, scan it, and then send it!)
    • Form for BSc and MSc here
    • Form for BEd here
    • Form for MEd here
    • Form for changing from Diplom to BEd here.

Submitting the documents & procedure

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, send them from your u:account to Note: Applications from private e-mail addresses CANNOT be processed due to the GDPR.

It takes 4 to 8 weeks to process a request for transfer.
Your request can only be processed in a timely manner if the required documents are correctly completed and submitted in full.

E-mail inquiries regarding the status of your application will not be answered within the allotted processing time.

Once the application has been processed, we will send a recognition notice to your u:account webmail address. As soon as the notification of recognition has been sent, a four-week period begins in which you can file an appeal against the decision. After this period, your grade will appear on your transcript. If you want/need the grade sooner, you must send us a waiver of appeal (all explained in detail in the notifying e-mail).

Important information

Recognized courses MUST be used toward the degree. A transfer cannot be "overwritten" by a new one, nor by a course taken internally. This applies to all required courses.

Transferring to the 2021 Curriculum of Bachelor's in Mathematics

For transferring curricula, submit the form "Unterstellung unter das aktuelle Curriculum" to the SSC Mathematics (preferably by e-mail, from the u:account).

For "recognition by decree" (Anerkennungsverordnung), fill out the form "Anerkennungsliste per Anerkennungsverordnung" and submit it (preferably by e-mail, from the u:account) to the SSC Mathematics.

For a recognition which cannot be done by decree, discuss it with the responsible vice-SPL (Prof. Ehler).