Switch and Recognitions Bachelor 2014 - Bachelor 2021

The Regulation on the Recognition of Achievements from the 2014 Bachelor Program for the New Curriculum (Version 2021) can be found in the 224th University Gazette of the University of Vienna.

Students who wish to switch to the new version of the Bachelor curriculum should send the completed application form together with the notification of subordination via their u:account to ssc.mathematik@univie.ac.at so that their previous examination achievements can be transferred to the new study progress.

The recognition cannot be changed after it is entered. Also, no other examination achievements can be taken in place of the recognized achievements.

For the transfer / recognition of achievements which are part of the new curriculum, but which you completed when you were still in the old curriculum: Such achievements are not automatically transferred / recognized! If you would like to have them transferred / recognized into the new study progress, enter them in the last two pages of the application for recognition according to the recognition ordinance.

Please note that the SSC has up to 2 months to process the application.